Question Every Thought

Three questions to ask every thought you let in the door of your mind:

1) Where did you come from?

2) What’s are you going to want me to do?

3) What will you give me? What will you cost me?

Then decide whether or not you will let the thought in. I started doing this and as a consequence my mind is now quieter and more peaceful. Not as many thoughts make it through the front door!


Stand diligently at the gate of your heart

Imagine standing at the edge of the ocean at the sunrise, the breeze blowing through your hair and rustling your clothes, the sea gulls overhead calling out to each other as they play on the edge of the breeze, fresh air filling your lungs…. A new day ahead. The past slipping away. Worries and plans and fixations melting. You are becoming one with yourself, one with the beauty around you, one with the sacred presence of God reflected in the beauty before you.

Deep within is the feeling of peace. Your inner gaze is stilled. Your mind silent. The tyranny of accusing thoughts or expectations ceases and life becomes what it was meant to be. Here you might be able to touch the sunrise within you. A sunrise that is forever promising the bloom of new life.

We don’t live our lives standing at the edge of the beauty that announce that God is again doing something new for us for one simple reason. We are trapped in the rigid repetition of thinking that is poisoning our spirit.